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Ireland therefore operates one hour behind standard time during the winter period, and reverts to standard time in the summer months.

This is defined in contrast to the other states in the European Union, which operate one hour ahead of standard time during the summer period, but produces the same end result.

This avoided having different times on either side of the border with Northern Ireland.

In those years, time in Ireland was the same as in the six EEC countries, except in the summer in Italy, which switched to Central European Summer Time (CEST).

All around you is pale grey stone ribboned with crags and crevices; miniature cliffs spread like mosaics as far as the horizon; and a microcosm of Ireland’s wildlife thrives.One artefact of the 1968 legislation is that "standard time" (Irish: am caighdeánach The statutory instruments (SIs) that have been issued under the Standard Time Acts are listed below, in format year/SI-number, and linking to the Irish Statute Database text of the SI.Except where stated, those issued up to 1967 (under the 1925 Act) were called "Summer Time Order ".Look closer and the true magic of the Burren reveals itself: peeking out from between rocks are the delicate leaves of the early purple orchid; the white and golden Irish eyebright; the metallic blue flowers of Burren grass.A wildly diverse ecosystem awaits any visitor to this corner of County Clare, dedicated a Special Area of Conservation by the EU.

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