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Bruce encourages his clients to learn good communication skills because he said they’re vital to a successful relationship.Since not all communication is verbal, Bruce also encourages people to pay attention to body language and be considerate of others.A significant part of his job is educating clients on the realities of both cultural differences and human similarities.He teaches people that relationships depend not on where people are from but on shared values and healthy communication.When you cut through all the misinformation, the same wants and desires generally drive people around the world,” he said.“Our job is to help people make that less rigid.” When it comes to connecting Japanese women and Western men, Bruce said his team spends a lot of time helping people understand the Japanese culture while also helping Japanese women better understand the Western viewpoint.

That’s where the Transpacific Marriage Agency (TMA) can help.

“What they find is some truth and some falseness to that thinking.

Our job is to help educate people about the reality.

Bruce Smith, Founder of the Transpacific Marriage Agency (TMA), knows all about those perceptions because he helps connect men and women from opposite sides of the globe.

“People have presumptions and assumptions, and we have to educate them.

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