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If your loan is paid via a transfer from your SBCU savings or checking account, the payment will be adjusted during your skipped month(s) and no funds transferred. Your regular monthly loan payments (and any preauthorized transfers) shall resume in the month immediately following your skipped payment(s).I have today written to the ‘Big T ‘ (problem 2) as I need to chat with him about this silly ‘wall’, I really don’t get why you have to segregate humans or animals or anything really just because they live in a different ‘so called man-made country’? Instead of leaping out the window in despair, I forced myself to stay put.I needed to know if we all were cursed with bad luck, or if something was broken.However, I am unable to make a ‘plan’ and randomly fall for other people’s eyes, emotions, and ability to see me without my mask on.When a young latino surfer saw me naked without wincing at my scars from past lives, I didn’t care about his bank account, age, or long term viability.In San Francisco we were all searching for so many things at once.“No, no. Apparently she didn’t think I was ready to have her hypothetical love child. I assumed I would meet new people but upon arrival I saw familiar faces- the ghosts from San Francisco Past.“Hi Beth”“Hi Vickie…”“Hi…. ”It was the same caldron of singles I had gone to parties with in my 20s, now regurgitated up with fine lines adorning their eye creases. I assumed they had either gotten married, moved to Bali, or died of alcohol poisoning years ago.Was I now one of them, regurgitated up from a domino collision of fiery, yet non viable relationships?

Perhaps instead of doggedly searching or aimlessly falling, we just get to better know the people around us.Of course if she had listed her ideals in less materialistic proportions (spirituality, affection, humor) it would still be too many bars of expectation to place on a mere mortal. I, of course, seem to have the opposite problem and possess a unique ability to fall in love with the foam on my cappuccino within 2 minutes of meeting it.My friends urge me to expand my standards beyond a mutual appreciation for high quality dairy. “That’s what’s fucking killing everyone.”“The search? ” Did he mean finding a new rent controlled apartment that wasn’t possessed by fruit flies?Or perhaps a new startup job that boasted an extra one-zillionth percent of equity? I had always assumed the male contingent of San Francisco skipped freely through much cleaner streets than us females, lavishing affection on Teslas, burning man installations, and an endless supply of younger women. A bright yellow bowtie adorned his neck as if to mask his internal pain.“I just got dumped! All fun ‘get to know you’ banter is drowned out by the incessant ticking of their biological clock.”Claiming research, I went to a 30 socialite singles mixer in a well decorated penthouse in Nob Hill.

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