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'"Having frequent unexcused absences Tolerance for unexcused absences -- absences without a doctor's note or a call to say you won't be coming in -- varies widely by employer.

In most cases, however, five to eight unexcused absences could end your job, Stoneburner says."I tend to see initial disciplinary warnings after four unexcused absences," she says.

They know you just wanted to extend your vacation or you just wanted a long weekend or wanted to go to the beach," she says.

"At the end of the year, when they are looking at all the days you took, they're going to wake up to the fact that they have an attendance problem."Most employers will issue a warning if you take more than three to five days over your allotted paid time off for the year.

Once it's no longer predictable, it's no longer convenient.

They have to know who is in the office on what days at what times," she says.

While having a family isn't a protected class, FMLA offers some protection for people when their spouse, child or parent is facing a severe health issue," Stoneburner says.

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Prearranged vacation days never fall into this category.

The employer refused her request to work straight day shifts.

Notably at arbitration the Employer did not lead any evidence on how fulfilling rotating shifts was a bona fide occupational requirement nor did it lead evidence on how allowing her to work straight days would result in undue hardship to the company.

"If you keep going back asking for different days or a different arrangement, it will look like you're just nickeling-and-diming them."A pattern of calling in "sick" at certain times It's all about the pattern, Stoneburner says.

If you consistently call in "sick" the day before or the day after a planned vacation, or every Friday when the weather is nice, you could risk disciplinary action from your employer."They know what's going on.

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