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It is helpful to look at Hawaii's spending relative to other states and the District of Columbia. It also includes fringe benefits for general-funded employees that are not appropriated in the Department’s EDNs — since they are budgeted centrally at the Department of Budget and Finance for all general-funded employees.This is important to understand because it creates an appearance of a substantial difference between the amount of per-pupil funding given to the Department and that given to the state’s public charter schools.The Hawaii DOE's budget is comprised of: The Board of Education approved the Fiscal Biennium budget on Oct. It was reviewed by the state Department of Budget and Finance and approved by the Governor on Nov.

Amounts in the supplemental budget will change when that request is submitted and reviewed during the 2020 Legislative session.The Department presents its Annual Financial Report to inform the public of the total cost of public education in Hawaii.It is a key component of department accountability and public transparency.The Annual Financial Report provides both Operating and CIP fund information, including operating revenues, receipts and expenditures.We have included operational costs such as repairs and maintenance of school facilities, and other expenses incurred by state and county agencies for public education purposes.

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