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I’m writing this to let people know we’re not the sexpots and husband-stealers we’re depicted as.

We are all regular women who were in unsatisfying relationships and were lonely. I was blown away that a website existed where married people could contact each other for—I won’t say , because there are so many people on there who don’t want sex with anyone—companionship.

User data included e-mail addresses, profile descriptions, addresses provided by users, weight, and height.

A separate file containing credit card transaction data didn't include full payment card numbers or billing addresses.

Within 24 hours of putting my profile up without a picture, I got 200 emails from men in my area wanting to talk to me. It says there are a The year I was on the site was a mess. And I was in no position to go on or any other dating site because I was technically still married.

Ars downloaded the massive file and it appeared to contain a trove of details taken from a clandestine dating site, but so far there is nothing definitively linking it to Ashley Madison.

On Ashley Madison, men who said they were 6 feet tall actually were. These men never knew where I lived, never knew my kids’ names. I never gave Ashley Madison any personally identifiable information or credit card numbers. The minute you’d find out you were compatible with someone, you took your conversation to text or email. Another friend who was on there is a physician, and one works in HR for a big company. I also learned more about what men are looking for, and it’s not just hot sex or women with hot bodies. I’m not saying that going on Ashley Madison is the answer for anyone who wants attention. I want people to know that a lot of women on the site are normal people.

People who wanted a no-strings-attached affair or a serious relationship said so up-front. No one wanted to talk on the site or spend any more time on there than they had to. And I’ve learned that nothing’s sacred, unfortunately. Not everybody on there is out to wreck homes and steal husbands.

That will go a long way to preventing the cracking of even moderately weak passwords, although "1234567" "password" and the other mostly widely used passcodes will likely fall after some time.

Ashley Madison officials have stopped short of confirming the published information was extracted from the breach.

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