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The report also recommended that the government develop a family violence training component for the Alberta Basic Security Course for security workers and that post-secondary institutions develop family violence response and reporting components into their programs on security and investigations; that the government distribute family violence materials at various points of public contact; and that it enhance existing strategies and educational materials on family violence targeted at new Canadians and newcomers (at 4).

Published in March 2018, the report states that the parents of the children were “in an on and off-again common-law relationship for more than eight years” with “continual disputes related to the custody, access, supervision, and parental discipline of the children” (at 3).so that this information is provided for judicial consideration in advance of proceedings” (at 5).Lastly for the justice sector, the FVDRC recommends “the widespread implementation of integrated family violence courts in Alberta, in consultation with the Family Court Intersection Committee regarding the implementation of the integrated courts” (at 5).This observation illustrates the difficulty many women face in leaving situations of violence, as well as the intergenerational effects of abuse.In its recommendations flowing from this case review, the FVDRC advocated the amendment of the to allow for the delivery of services and supports to family violence victims through voluntary service agreements and to allow professionals to obtain and/or disclose victims’ information (with their consent) in order to increase collaboration and coordination between professionals for safety planning and intervention purposes (at 4).

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