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(January 2, 2011) Married her longtime boyfriend Neil Gaiman in a private ceremony following a year-long engagement.The wedding took place in the parlor of writers Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon.At the sun broke through and we uncovered our gear.At Palmer tweeted the following message: At , another monsoon and another mad dash to protect our equipment.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.Over 800 artists will be performing at the 2013 Summerfest festival in Milwaukee.My number-one goal is to never feel like I'm strictly defining myself.The minute I feel like I'm doing that as anything--as theatrical, as feminist, as songwriter--I feel like the minute I name it, I'm stuck in a box.

What I do comes from a deep desire to be seen and to see others.

One of the best things about Kickstarter and crowdfunding and the collapse of the music business is a lot of artists like me have been forced to face our own weird mess about ourselves and what we thought it meant to become musicians.

Meditation, especially for people who don't know very much about it and think it's this very hippy dippy thing, can really be powerful, terrifying even, as it lifts the rug up on your subconscious and the dust comes flying out.

Especially when I'm on tour, it really feels like I'm being taken care of by half a million people. There's something advantageous about being a woman in rock versus, say, a woman in chemistry or construction.

There's definitely a built-in sexism across the board, but I think you're afforded a degree of freedom in rock because, historically, the rules have been flexible.

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