America american dating egyptian

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Then, we are Egyptian, which is instilled in us by our family.Our interaction with Egyptian culture occurs at home most of the time and might be limited here in the United States.The end of World War II meant the end of colonialism.That was one of the most important things about World War II.Instead, the Coptic cross has its origins in the Ankh, the Ancient Egyptian symbol for the key of life: Throughout the years, the Coptic Cross continued to change form.However, even in this now-ubiquitous version of the Coptic cross, remnants of the looped cross are still present, evident by the cross within a circle: This final version of the Cross encompasses the history of Egypt.Nevertheless, it has a strong hold on our imagination, our pride, and our lives. This is perhaps the most limited, since Coptic culture is no longer dominant in any country; rather, in every Sunday liturgy, every bible study, and every church retreat, our Coptic culture comes to life.None of these cultures exist in a vacuum; rather, all three interact with each other.

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America had to provide the Egyptians and other colonial protectorate areas with some sort of look into the future that would be better than they had in the past, though tailored to Western interests.

Yes, they wanted Egypt to be friendly towards the West and policymakers believed both the British and the French were making big mistakes in that regard because of their reluctance to accommodate nationalist demands.

The United States did not want to see a military vacuum either, so it was a very tricky situation.

Perhaps it may be another hundred years until American Copts have made their mark on the Coptic Cross, and perhaps we never will.

What is inevitable however, is the navigation of all of these disparate cultures, which as anecdotal history can attest, can lead to sticky situations.

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