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The sneak peek claims they all became "addicted to fame" when the scandal exploded all over the news, with Buttafuoco herself admitting she could have handled things differently. This was my journey and during the course of it, I did a lot of things wrong," she says in the video.

"I made a lot of mistakes, I tried to do the best I can," she continues.

In frustration, she decided to give Joey an ultimatum - her or his wife. After the suicide attempt, Amy decided to try to get back to her normal life.

After a short conversation, Amy hit Mary Jo with the gun, causing her to fall to the ground. After several hours in surgery, Mary Jo's condition stabilized, but the bullet remained lodged in her head.

Not wanting to risk the refound relationship, Amy led Joey to believe that Makely was unimportant to her.

She also began dwelling on how to get rid of Mary Jo, who she viewed as the biggest risk to her relationship with Joey.

Amy, in return, shared intimate details of her life to him.

The relationship was going strong, but other areas of Amy’s life were beginning to unravel.

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