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If you want love or if your friendship is becoming romantic, tell the person exactly how you feel and what you want from the relationship. I’m joking (kinda) but Instagram is a great way to meet new people.You're abroad and probably on a time crunch, so there's no time for playing hard to get. I’ve met up with so many like minded friends who I originally met through IG. The best part about Instagram is that although it is often a highlight reel of our lives, you can immediately see what hobbies or interests someone has from just scrolling through their feed.The Bumble app has a BFF feature that helps you find friends in your area too so if you’re just looking to find someone to explore a new city it could be helpful. You should still be smart about who you meet up with, let someone you trust know your location and always meet your date in a public place.

Your dating standards could be totally different from someone else which could make for some awkward first dates.whoops- In some ways, dating abroad can be easier than dating at home.The best part about dating internationally is that you are a bit more free to ‘do’ you.They decided to meet up at a popular a bar in London, so our entire friend group went along as a way to mix and mingle with his friends.The dude ended up whisking away my friend and before we knew it they had disappeared.

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