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We didn’t believe it until we were there in the hotel, ready to skate. Mike Slipchuk came the week before and gave the official okay.He was able to tell the board (of Skate Canada) they’re ready to go. But it was so incredible, every step we took, we felt like we were so joyful.Weaver's hobbies include dancing, foreign languages, and writing.She was born and raised in the United States, and moved to Waterloo, Ontario in August 2006 after a successful tryout with Poje.

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Obviously we had different situations, but it was definitely nice to be in a similar situation with people that are trying to go for the same opportunities as we.So Pasquale made me promise I’d send them a picture every single day of my progress, of what I was doing and so now we have like 50, 60 pictures of showing every day and how much I got better. That at least helped us to stay a little bit more up to date. We went to Canadian Nationals in January, because it was in Mississauga, which is very close to Toronto. We went to do some media stuff, but that support from the Canadian audience was incredible.It made me feel so good and helped me stay motivated and know that there are people behind us all the way no matter what the outcome.Kaitlyn: We were warming up just as any normal morning and we were doing back cross-overs in a circle and I slipped somehow. Andrew tried to hold me, but our gloves came off, that’s how much power we have. Andrew: While she was doing her recovery job I was just trying to ensure that I’d be in the best shape possible to help her when she got on to the ice.My boot hit the ice and slid feet first into the boards and when I hit …. I knew when she got on the ice her leg wouldn’t be as strong as it was. I was back in Detroit skating every day, ensuring that I improved as much as I could and kept the momentum going so that when she gets on the ice we just can be together as quick as possible. Kaitlyn: So it was very weird to be apart from him and also from our group and from Pasquale (Camerlengo, coach).

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