Are mary kate and ashley dating anyone

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Definitely more exciting than any spring break I've ever had.

A Taurus can be patient and loving, but they also are notoriously competitive with a jealous streak — just like sisters Sam and Emma Stanton in this soccer-centric story.

Alex has her eyes set on Josh, who works at the resort, but has to compete with Brianna, a spoiled rich teen who -style) by her childhood friend Griffen who has feelings for her.

Or maybe the one where the twins are sent off to Paris for spring break because their parents think they need to broaden their horizons?

Naturally, plenty of chaos and drama follows — including stolen dresses, some romance, and an inevitable happy ending.

Geminis, with their "go with the flow" attitude, will definitely be on the same wavelength as the film’s protagonists — and will probably relate to their mistakes as well. While on vacay in the Bahamas, sisters Madison and Alex each find themselves in the middle of a love triangle.

At its core, this is really a story about the end of the diffusion line and the “contemporary” market, which offered consumers clothing that was more expensive, and noticeably nicer, than fast fashion, with a design eye more attuned to luxury fashion.

But now that fashion marketing, the collab phenomenon, and streetwear have made us believe that anything is luxury, the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for something that approximates the real thing seems pointless.

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