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The stews often included pork, sweet corn and cabbage, or other vegetables and roots which were available...A typical comfortably fixed family in the late 1700s probably served two courses for dinner."Sallats," (salads) though more popular at supper, sometimes were served at dinner and occasionally provided decoration in the center of the table...

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Supper among the gentry was also a sociable meal, and might have warm food, meat or shellfish, such as oysters, in season." ---Food in Colonial and Federal America, Sandra L. 157) [NOTE: These books provide excellent descriptions of "average" meals by heritage (Germans, Dutch, Swedes), location (town vs country) and region.The scope and variety of these meals merits further examination.] Basic overview of representative colonial meals: "Breakfast.The Colonial American breakfast was far from the juice, eggs and bacon of today.They also used local foods introduced by the Native Americans.Some European recipes adapted well to these new ingredients. Connecticut Delaware Georgia Maryland Massachusetts (Plimoth colony) New Hampshire New Jersey New York (New Netherlands) North Carolina Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Virginia Breakfast, lunch & dinner? It is important to keep in mind there is no such thing as a "typical colonial meal." The Royal Governor of Virginia ate quite differently from the first Pilgrim settlers and the West Indians laboring in Philadelphia's cookshops.

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