Asian dating shaadi

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They set up my profile and described me as a kind-hearted person, working in Toronto, born and raised in Canada, with good family values, well-liked by everyone and known to be very down-to-earth.

The description is short, so I didn’t object to anything.

I’ve told them to start looking at girls here in Canada or in the U. My friends, mostly the Indian ones, know about Shaadi, and they aren’t surprised I’m using it. But other people think it’s strange that my parents are so involved.

I don’t see why it’s a big deal that they set up a matrimonial page for me.

At first, I rejected everyone they sent my way because they had only selected girls who are in India.

I don’t want to date someone from India; the cultural difference is too big.

This year, I almost got married to someone I met on Shaadi. She’s an IT specialist, 34 years old, fair complexioned, an intelligent girl.

She was attractive, we had great chemistry, and we laughed a lot.

He said he wasn’t an email person and told me he would call me later. I joined the site in 2008 because I don’t like going to the typical places to meet girls.

My parents have an idea of what kind of daughter-in-law they want—they’re Christian and they want a religious person, but religion isn’t that important to me.

What’s important to me is someone who is nice and funny.

I thought that was just a security measure, but because the privacy settings are so difficult to navigate, without my realizing it my phone number was posted on my profile.

Some guy called me and said, “I don’t know what your name is but this is your handle on Shaadi.” He seemed sketchy—he was calling from an unknown number, and he insisted that we keep talking.

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