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However, when I created a custom validation control and set the control to validate as my checkbox list, I got the same exception again - a checkbox list cannot be the control to validate, even for a custom validation control.

So I decided to use a dummy control as the control to validate.

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If so, how - and is there any official MSFT documentation? To see if the checkbox is checked use the "checked" property of that object. function count Check Items() { var items = all.tags("INPUT"); var i; var i Selec... If you have a multitiered application in which the busines logic and data access are in different parts/assemblies you can reuse them. Our default web site is turned off and instead we use several other sites.On this page we can submit new customer info and view the status/info of existing customers and edit that info as needed. Because of my pool English, if you can't see , I will explain more ! Http Exception: Control 'checkbox1' referenced by the Control To Validate property of 'Customvalidator1' cannot be validated. Web Form Validation I am creating a dynamic form (from XML) and would like to use regular expression to validate. Validating team-by-team R and RBI predictions for 2012 AL Edition Unless you're a big fan of my writing, you may not know that at this time last year, I wrote for a different SB Nation site: the dearly departed ...Thanks Gambler is the real life I guess you mean when form grows it also grow parent div element. If you want div to stay fixed size and rather clip the form and maybe show a scrollbar, look at overflow property in CSS. Sub Check Box Validation(By Val source As Object, By Val args As Server Validate Event Args) args. "It is important not to create a precedent validating the prohibition of the sale of any object of a ..."... Our goal has always been to showcase Hopi culture and make it accessible to the largest number of ...The problem was that I needed a way to know which control to validate. Error Message = "You must select at least one value! Server Validate = new Server Validate Event Handler(Validate Checkbox); val Check. These checkbox lists are created dynamically at runtime. Add(txt Dummy); // add custom validation control Custom Validator val Check = new Custom Validator(); val Check.

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