Blair redford dating

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Unfortunately, Justin killed himself after he got back home.

Ty is close to Mary Beth even after the loss of his friend.

The two then go to a movie together and, on the way home, Ty stops at a stop sign and gets a far off look on his face.

Bay rouses him from his thoughts and he tells her he doesn’t feel like talking. As Ty takes off his coat, Bay notices a tattoo of her Hammer Girl poster on his arm.

The two play more games together and Ty even helps Bay get a job at Maui Kansas because he's gotten to know the manager.Ty says the night is the weirdest first date he's been on, and the two end their night with a kiss.In Portrait of My Father Ty and Bay go on a date to a restaurant in East Riverside.The night goes well until Ty's car won't start and Bay has to call Toby to avoid another stint of grounding for missing her curfew.After finding out Ty's pay was docked (preventing him from being able to buy parts to fix his truck) because he couldn't get to work on time because of his truck, Bay goes back to East Riverside with enough money to buy Ty's truck part but he rebuffs the offer, maintaining he is not a charity case that needs "Daddy's money" to bail him out.

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