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I’m not going to let all the negative thoughts take over from the major successes I’ve had over the last twelve months. Through my own struggle, I figured out that it’s how you perform in the dark times that determines your success.

We all watch these pump up videos on social media that tell us never to give up, but then when the struggle comes around we forget.

The other big realization I got at the pub the other night was that success still doesn’t give us a meaning for our life.

I sat there and listened to these women who were making more money than any of us could dream of, and who had built massive audiences who hang on to their every word.

By coincidence, Tony said we have to have a mantra when we lack meaning.

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I’ve started doing 10km walks every day to get back to the top again.I’m of the belief that if we keep searching with an optimistic mindset, we can find it. What I figured out the other night is that all of us have the power to achieve these human goals.From what many have described as my “hellish” twelve months, I realized the other night at that pub that I’m calm. Nothing is impossible but it can be if you give up.I had no problem paying for my own food even though others expected the “young rich” to foot the bill.It’s bloody phenomenal how misleading almost everything we come into contact with is.

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