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If you need advice, or the best deal, get in touch or pop into a store.The B in LGBT is not explored in cinema as much as the L, the G and, latterly, the T. Bisexual men and bisexual women are depicted very differently in cinema.

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Tinto Brass’s notorious Caligula was far less timid but far more offensive, showing the Roman emperor’s sexuality as just another example of his appalling decadence.It’s a reminder of the commendably liberal depictions of same-sex relationships that appeared in many films from the Weimar era, including Different from the Others (1919), Mikaël (1924) and Pandora’s Box (1929).One of Claude Chabrol’s most intriguing films, Les Biches opens with a rich woman, Frédérique (Stéphane Audran), picking up a young street artist (Jacqueline Sassard) called Why and taking her back to her apartment.Formed back in 1999 by keen photographers with decades of experience in camera retail, to offer the best in good old-fashioned service and the lowest online prices on the biggest range of top brands.We have won the Amateur Photographer Good Service Award every year since opening!

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