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However, the United States, through the State Department, has had to repeatedly press the Government of Iraq to live up to its obligations to provide for the safety and well-being of the Camp Liberty residents. Government agency advocating on behalf of the Camp Liberty residents.

One issue that I expect will arise this morning is whether the United States should accept more Camp Liberty residents for resettlement. I hope the testimony of our witnesses this morning will help shine a light on what more can be done to accelerate the resettlement process so that the residents of Camp Liberty can be brought to safety outside Iraq once and for all.

The organization gained a new life in exile, founding the National Council of Resistance of Iran and continuing to conduct violent attacks in Iran.

In 1983, they sided with Saddam Hussein against the Iranian Armed Forces in the Iran–Iraq War, a decision that was viewed as treason by the vast majority of Iranians and that destroyed the MEK's appeal in its homeland.

The Iranian dissidents at Camp Liberty are in an increasingly perilous situation, having repeatedly come under attack.

These horrific attacks, which have killed more than 100 MEK members since 2009, clearly indicate the threat to this group from Iran and Iranian-backed militia seeking to eliminate and silence these dissidents.

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