Can grad students dating professors

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Sharpe is leading a cross-campus review of the University of Illinois regulations, and his team will make recommendations later this year.He says universities have traditionally distinguished between undergraduates and graduate students when they set consensual relationships policy, and assumed that undergrads need more protection. The #Me Too movement has forced universities to update what were often very broad conflict-of-interest policies that did not examine fully “these problematic power dynamics,” Sharpe says.Editor's note (April 24): After reader feedback, we have changed this article's headline to better reflect its subject matter, particularly the questions raised about the appropriateness of relationships involving power differentials.The days of Princeton University professors dating graduate students in other departments are coming to an end, campus officials said.Last year, a report on sexual harassment from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine suggested universities could “defuse” many difficult situations if they changed the way graduate students were trained, to make them less dependent for funding on individual faculty members.

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Announcing the policy after it was approved by a faculty vote on April 1, Dean of the Faculty Sanjeev Kulkarni said in an email to faculty members that the rule would “create a safe, respectful and equitable learning environment for everyone on campus.”“I think it’s practical and I think it’s prudent,” Rebecca Burdine, an associate professor of molecular biology at Princeton who voted on the measure along with the rest of the faculty in attendance, tells .But a number of universities also demand that faculty members do not start relationships with graduate students they supervise.This month, Princeton University went further and declared that faculty members were no longer allowed to date any graduate student—even if the couple works in different departments.In those cases, “there is no asymmetry of power,” he says, so there’s no need for controls on relationships, unless one partner has academic authority over the other.Singer is now investigating how MIT should respond to a related, but bigger, issue.

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