Ccm bicycle serial number dating chart

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It is an E series, as is stamped on the top of the vertical pipe.

The bike has a post WWll patina to it, but its history prior to my buying it from an antique store is lost to the mists of time.

special tool needed or is a pump oil can supposed to work? I sold and serviced CCM during the 1970s boom and have a 1969-1974 sales log.

In it are 646 CCM sales, recording the models, dates and serial numbers.

Can anyone definitively say what year this might denote, or could this be a stamp indicating its Zenith destiny. The E is positioned below the number, so I presume its the 12,723rd bike made in 1953, since the coaster brake hub was patented in '37, thereby ruling out the earlier 1920's E production run.

Is there a CCM serial # decode page I haven't found yet? Speaking of hubs, how are you supposed to inject oil in the weird brass hub nipple-there is no apparrent hinged lid as any other I've seen-is there a ball/spring like a zerk fitting? I have serious reservations about the above referenced Yahoo Groups chart being 100% correct.

It was tough, light and inexpensive, which made it very popular.

However, it was also very flexible and unfortunately can become brittle with age and consequently break.

The spec'd Simplex Prestige rear derailleur was made from a plastic called Delrin.While it corroborates the sequence for 1969-1974, it suggests the Yahoo sequence is incorrect for at least 19.As is typical, the log indicates sales of some leftover models.This allowed them to build up the necessary inventory for the big spring shipments.It also allowed them to have the new models available for the lucrative Christmas season.

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