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But for ten years in the 1960's and 1970's, he was r*ping and torturing and was an ultimate killing machine. But when he was in control, that charm usually won the day. Little girls got into his car when he offered them a ride.Here are 15 chilling and creepy facts about Rodney Alcala that'll probably scare you to death. If they emerged alive, they had usually been r*ped and assaulted.In 1978, he was the winning bachelor on Meet Rodney Alcala, a vicious serial killer, a man police compare to Ted Bundy and call a "killing machine." How many women and children did he lure into his orbit with his charm, and then kill? Yet, unlike Ted Bundy, Alcala has thus far eluded execution. His native intelligence, his charming ways, plus good lawyers and judicial cock-ups.Twice, his convictions for a 1979 murder were overturned.It was three years and many murders later before California caught up with him. His camera and his lenses are, of course, what we mean.By that time, Cornelia Crilley, the pretty TWA flight attendant, was dead. He enrolled in New York University and studied film under director Roman Polanski, the year before Polanski's pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered by the Manson Family.

But, more often, he appeared with that handsome face and winning smile and told young beauties he was a professional photographer.

And when they arrived, a smiling topless Alcala stuck his head out the window and said he'd be right there.

He beat a hasty retreat out the back door, traveled cross country and started a new life in the artsy haunts of New York City, calling himself John Berger.

Some people found him a bit "odd" but most thought him a great guy.

He had friends, girlfriends who never they say.

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