Consolidating itunes 11

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Bulk duplicate removal If you have a large library, you may need to enlist some software to help you out.

For .95 Dupe Eliminator scrubs Windows machines clean of duplicate tunes, while Mac users have Dupin for just .5. Alternatively, use Songbird's The Exorcist plugin to do the deed if you want to download that.6.

By cleaning up i Tunes music library, users could apply fixed music files to i Tunes or original music folders in only one click to make i Tunes and other music libraries well organized.

All media files have to be consolidated into the parent folder.

Because everyone's digital music collection is a mess!

So, in a crusade to purify our reader's i Tunes libraries, we take you through 10 simple steps that will get things back on track.1.

to complete music info, allow manual editing of music tags, save unfixed music files for future fixing, etc.

Not restrained in i Tunes music library cleanup, this i Tunes cleaner could also help clean up local music folders like MP4 music library or others.

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