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From there, Mc Alpine enjoyed rapid success; the early contracts centred on his own trade of bricklaying and by 1874 he was the owner of two brickyards and an employer of 1,000 men.With the capital he had acquired, Mc Alpine determined to build a garden city at Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.There was an increasingly wide range of building and civil engineering contracts but the firm was almost brought to its knees again with the construction of the Methil Docks between 19.It was argued that this led to a much more cautious approach to risk on the part of the sons – if not the father.William was appointed Chairman while Alfred remained in charge of the operation in the north-west subsidiary, where he had been since 1918.The two London partners argued that the recession was impacting more on the north than the south and proposed closing Alfred’s company.

From the 1930s onwards, the company employed large numbers of Irish who had come to England looking for work.

The liabilities from the Hamilton estate were threatening the construction business and to protect it, Robert took his clerk into partnership, trading under the name Mc Alpine & Co; the clerk was bought out not long after.

Mc Alpine’s first large contract was a building for the Singer Manufacturing Company in 1883 and the profit from that enabled him to pay off his remaining debts.

The two Mc Alpine firms had non-compete arrangements and sites had a common “Mc Alpine” board irrespective of which firm it was.

When both companies first went public, they did so under the names Newarthill for Robert and Marchwiel for Alfred. The dispute centred on Alfred Mc Alpine's intention to trade under the name "Mc Alpine".

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