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I left the park and tried to lose him in the city to no avail. My breast had an area that was about 6" in diameter and coal black for two solid weeks.

Back to the park, then I flew out a different entrance and finally lost him in city traffic. It took a month for the bruises to finally fade away. My breasts are large, and the pressure of one against the other as I laid on my side hurt too much to sleep.

It took me 5 months to get up the nerve to meet someone again. He's wonderful and we've been seeing each other for eight months now.

The first and only time I decided to use Tinder I met the most toxic "fwb" ever.

He played on my insecurities and seemed to know exactly the right things to say to "keep me around". I began to catch feelings for him, or so what I thought were feelings. Hell, I don't even think he thought I had a pretty face..liked my body, but that's it.

In reality it was me thinking that I needed him to feel worth something, because after months of contact with him any "nice" behaviour from him was essentially viewed by me as the ultimate gift. He'd coerce me into things I didn't want to do in bed regularly (anal).

And I didn't...until he began to basically blow up my phone in every way you could think of: from phone number, to facebook messages, etc. His family has a lot of money and has a well known name in the city I currently live in, and I was scared that if I was rude to him he'd do something to retaliate.

I tried telling him for that I can't do casual fwb sex. When I'd begin to call him out on hitting on my friend in front of me and other shit he did he'd basically gaslight me in various ways.

These stories could range from catfishing to public dates going wrong because your date was not who/she seemed. :)Okay so as I was first going through tinder I matched with this guy who seemed okay and decided to go on a date with him.

Long story short, we all end up at my apt and after his friend and my friend leave (my friend left because my Tinder date kept hitting on her and she felt extremely uncomfortable...) he ends up sexually assaulting me.

I didn't react very well to it, even though he clearly heard and understood me when I refused to have sex without a condom yet he grabbed me and put his dick in me anyway......... I was very drunk and terrified of all of the possible STIs that he might have just given me (I didn't get anything from him ever..thanks GOD!!

I felt wanted by him when he gave me any kind of attention. It's like any preferences I previously had before I met him evaporated.

I was an empty shell for him to use however he wanted to, because attention from him was what I wanted.

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