Cultural dating diferences by country

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This is due to the much higher density of population in Europe, and the smaller size of Europe (believe it or not the EU is over twice smaller than the USA).

Yet, Europeans travel much more than Americans, inside or outside their own continent.

You may become frustrated with local behaviors and attitudes towards women, especially if you feel it prevents you from being yourself.

This is understandable when experiencing another culture.

Here is a summary of my observations on the differences between Europeans and Americans (USA).

Canadians are somewhere in between, sometimes more European, but often closer to their southern neighbours. A 100-year old house or church is considered new by Europeans, but old by Americans.Almost all Europeans have cars with manual gears, while Americans have a marked preference for automatic ones.European cars are also very different in style than their American counterparts.Europe itself has the greatest linguistic and cultural diversity of the Western world.However, the common history, geography and socio-political evolution of the European continent, as well as the cultural divergences that have occured in former colonies, have resulted in the creation of a common basis for European culture that contrast (sometimes sharply) with the USA or the rest of the Western world.

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