Dan howell and phil lester dating

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He is even known as a host of the Sunday night entertainment show Dan and Phil. He is also the host for the Internet Takeover slot of the BBC Radio 1 station.

Let’s find out more about his You Tube and Radio career alongside his relationships affairs.

Moving ahead, in 2010, he along with his mate took part in the live, annual 24-hour internet broadcast “Stickaid”, a fundraiser for charity UNICEF.They masquerade as a wooden Guinea pig and message men on the app. Dan and Phil have moved to a new area and decide to troll using a location based dating app Dan had downloaded on his phone.Again, they masquerade as the wooden Guinea pig and message men suggestively.(it's very scientifically accurate but please note that you cannot ever actually date Dan or Phil, as they belong to eachother) Please answer the questions as accurately as possible because this is a very srs business quiz and it is being used for research and stuff, and if you don't answer properly than Kanye West will be sad. The 28-year-old You Tuber and BBC presenter shared his truth with his 6.4 million subscribers in a video posted on Thursday (June 13). "Just know that living your truth with pride is the way to be happy.

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