Dating a butterface

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This amazing face with this incredible personality. Are you able to date somebody who’s less than ideal in something that’s important to you?To me I love a small, petite little woman with a beautiful face, that’s my ideal. You’re dating somebody, they’ve got the best body you’ve ever been with in your entire life, I mean every curve is in the right place. I’ve helped millions of men and women around the globe achieve success in their dating, social and personal lives.Especially when they put the glow of the i Phone in bed up against their face, you see some really weird shapes and distortions. The personality is there, everything else is there. One thing’s for certain: I’ll always give you the truth, whether you can handle it or not. If you’re the same way, then you've come to the right place. These people need to realize that they are judged in the same discriminating way. Maybe your partner still has the same sparkling blue eyes when s(he) is old.But can you date somebody who’s got the perfect body, but her face is kind of a turn off? All men I know will have the same answer to this question. We all will be old one day, and if you only base your "attraction" on your ideal, you will be old and unhappy and probably missing out on a great partner that didn't get an A on your "Sexual Attraction Test". Of course, you have to find your partner attractive to start a relationship, both mentally and physically; but you will not find it with dichotomous thinking.Although butterface and buttaface are often used interchangeably when describing a woman with a sexy body and an unappealing face, the latter may be more gender neutral."Buttaface" often appears in online forums, blog posts and comments (from both women and men) to describe hard bodied, physically attractive men with ugly faces.

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Not to be taken with any offence, its not intended to offend anybody... how many times you have to swear not to date that gal who looks like a Bear but u blank out all the time she comes near ! Teeth, noses, lips, and most anything on the face can also be fixed relatively easy by procedures. Not tooting my horn, it took me years to get my body. I have dated thin girls, beautiful face, and I decided to try cute and heavy, not wanting to be shallow. You fail your partner's "Sexual Attraction Test" and get kicked to the curb.Most women, even beautiful ones, are down plain without their makeup anyway. Nature made their faces plain, and their skin bland, and most have a greenish tint to them, (I have never met a woman yet with skin as good as mine), but with some face paint, and skin color, they can look well, even if they have an ugly face. There is leeway with their body if they have a pretty face / dazzling smile. And for the record, too skinny is just as bad as too fat, if not worse. I can do with an unnattractive face if there personality is great. I felt it could work, I did like her personality and like anyone, you take time and grow to like that person more. If you are entitled to judge your partner by the "hot body" or "butterface", so can your partner. I’m looking forward to seeing your remarks down below. If I tell you exactly what I would do, I’m going to be executed on the block. I’m looking to get into a healthy conversation amongst all you guys. She has a ‘butterface.’ Everything was great on her, but her face is awful. Or could you date the girl in perfect physical shape with the but-her-face? Two men standing there, talking on a street corner. Almost like pirates on top of a mast looking through an eye glass going “” The woman’s coming closer. They know the body is good, they can always see a good body from a distance. She gets closer and closer and closer, they finally see…

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