Dating a guy with a wandering eye

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Often those fleeting glances at a pretty girl or a handsome guy go unnoticed and cause absolutely no harm whatsoever.It's when glancing turns into obvious ogling that the problems can start.So at what point is the earliest that you could possibly avert your gaze?The study of response time to pornographic images found an answer. No matter the situation, a beautiful woman, handsome man, or moist piece of cake will grab peoples’ attention and not release it until others have noticed.This leads to fights about sex and inadequacy and food and bodies and household budgets — humans are drawn to value — that inevitably parse the difference between normal distraction and pathological distraction, between wanting to see and wanting too much.

If it’s off-center from your windshield, it’ll take more like 150 milliseconds for the sexy image to register.

Explain to her that her focus arrived 100 milliseconds too early.

It's completely natural for people to look at those they find attractive, whether they are in a loving, committed relationship or not.

One study suggests that eye contact for , so if the subject of your distraction is a person (as opposed to food or a billboard) you may want to set a hard limit at three seconds.

If your gaze is making people uncomfortable, it’s never healthy.

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