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But, Val is so into Jaime and doesn't take these things seriously.In the meantime, Val visits her grand mother who is ill and during her visit, her grand mother dies, but before her death, she reminds Val to live her life."The term, nymphomaniac was invented by men to control women", she tells her grand daughter. When they sleep together for the first time, Jaime is finished in two seconds and even though Val is very disappointed about Jaime's performance in bed, she doesn't take it seriously.She tells Sonia that it's all about love and not sex.She continues to have sexual relationships with Alex knowing that he has a girlfriend.Tired of Val's voracious sexual appetite, Alex asks her, "Are you always thinking about sex?While Sonia, (Llum Barrera) is interested in finding the right man to get married, have children and start her family, Val is more interested in finding new sexual partners and continues to live a free spirited life.

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Val is deeply affected by not having anyone to have sex with.Jaime immediately buys an expensive home for them to live though Val is worried about his extravagant lifestyle.Val discusses with Sonia about Jaime and Sonia asks about Jaime being older for her as Val is only 29 and Jaime has a couple of grown up children.Val decides that she can't live with him anymore and decides to move out of their house.When Sonia and Val are preparing her stuff to leave, Jaime shows up and threatens to assault her. One day, Sonia realizes that Val left her house without informing her and so, Sonia tracks her down to a small and somewhat broken-down apartment.

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