Dating a polish man

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Like I said, these are all tongue in cheek reasons but some of them could have some truth in them.

Polish girls are easier to impress as they are familiar with what they like and do not like.

Polish people place emphasis on the home and family, and this can often be an attraction for those looking for similar values.

Polish dating novices should be prepared to meet family members and go on family outings with the object of their affections; they should expect celebrations for birthdays, name days and other holidays to be full of food, fun and laughter.

Oh, and buy a good hat – Polish weddings are also lavish, three day affairs which will make ordinary weddings look a little dull in comparison.

Here are the top five reasons to try Polish dating.This country now experiences the influence of the modern West, so, though the man is still referred to as head of the family, more and more often it is thought that marriage should rely on partnership and that the man and woman should make decisions together in important issues.They are open-minded, intellectual individuals and make good companions too – they love to passionately discuss various topical issues and to debate artfully.Due to the strong influence of the Catholic Church, Polish men come from a country where traditional values strongly affect life.These men value family, a quiet life, and loyalty above most else; they are honest, easy going, helpful, and friendly.

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