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They are similar in size and composition to appetizers, with each individual experience, and a go-to food for Spaniards for snacking or mealtime.An omlet-like concoction consisting of eggs, potatoes, and onions, different varieties may also include peppers or be filled with cheese and ham.This same disagreement exists among speakers of Castilian and Catalan or Castilian and Basque, but Latin American terms and verbs can emphasize the existing differences between study abroad participants and the locals.Pronunciation is a large differentiating factor between Castilian and Latin American Spanish, as Spaniards use the theta pronunciation for many z’s, ce’s, and ci’s.Franco intended to enforce a one-language policy across Spain, banning the use of languages such as Catalan and Basque.Due to his emphasis on Spanish unity, many people of the older generation still view anything patriotic (such as the flag) to represent Francoism rather than a pride in their Spanish heritage.Over dinner with your host family, discussing Franco may not be the best idea due to the negative residual emotions associated with his reign.

Students studying abroad in Spain should remember this difference when interacting with people of varying ages.

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Many study abroad participants try to learn about the culture of their host country prior to travel in order to prepare themselves to interact with locals both inside and outside their future home.

While admirable, this quickly becomes a daunting task when the differences between the generations and their ideals become apparent.

Much like in the United States, older Spaniards tend to be more conservative, whereas the younger generation is more liberal, open to change and different ideas.

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