Dating blues deluxe amp

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Hi-Fi speakers often use these materials so the cab will not resonate. Pine and hardwood plywood cabs hold up better over time in comparison to MDF and particle board.

⦁ A thick Baffle is mounted like a tweed Fender but does not allow for vibration like those found in the Tweed "floating baffle" designs.

⦁ It uses a similar Phase Inverter circuit to what Fender used on most of their amps.⦁ Many of component values are what you would expect in Fender designed amp so you have some sonic similarity.⦁ The Normal Channel is non-master volume.

⦁ Solid State Rectifier: with the exception of the Twin Reverb, Blackface Bassman and a few Brownface designs vintage Fender amps used tube rectifiers which gave them a softer bottom end and singing quality to the sustain.

⦁ PCB Board rather than hand wired: keeps the labor cost low, makes the amp hard to repair and PCB board causes layout difficult and tonal loss due to stray capacitance since all components are on one physical plain and placed close together.

Some components are smaller and of lower quality too. It should be mentioned that not all PCB board amps suffer as severely from these problems but most big name amp's PCBs are poorly thought out, cheap and not very serviceable.

It is cheaper to produce a power transformer for solid-state rectification and solid state diodes only cost pennies.

only come into play when you’re trying to value the amplifier in the Blue Book for Guitar Amplifiers per the model description that is provided.

They are not of a concern with dating as only the 2 letter date codes on whichever chart or sticker and the transformer number comes into play for that....

⦁ Solid-State Effects Loop: Blues Deluxe has solid-state effects loop.

Even without effects plugged in part of the loop is in circuit path and changes the sound of the amp .

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