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Be prepared to answer questions and help your partner understand your specific experience.I use this as a sort of test: If someone responds with kindness and curiosity, they score major points. Sharing — and judging — pictures, an integral part of dating today, can be a major trigger for body image issues, which often go hand in hand with eating disorders.

As for me, my husband is incredibly supportive of my recovery journey.

I owe our relationship to my recovery, which taught me to share honestly, be gentle with myself, and show up authentically to my own life.

An eating disorder is when you have an unhealthy attitude to food, which can take over your life and make you ill.

“I was new to spiritual and emotional recovery, and I didn’t always make the best decisions,” Jacob recalls. Connecting with another person becomes infinitely more possible and rewarding when we learn to care for our own needs first.

For Drake, as she began to heal her relationship with food and her body, she also learned to “say no, speak my truth, and ask for what I want in relationships.”Jacob ended up gaining back the weight he lost — and then some — before losing it for a second time.

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