Dating for single mums

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I let him have fun with someone I’m seeing but I’ve learned not to let them stay over and I’m careful to make sure Freddy doesn’t get attached.I don’t want him to think they’re part of the family. I want them to know they are with me, not filling a vacancy for a dad.The first guy I dated as a mum, when Freddy was four months old, said he felt cheated when I told him.It was our first date but that – apparently – wasn’t soon enough. Another man couldn’t get his head around it and went bright red whenever I mentioned Freddy.Single parent dating sites can be there for people when they need a new beginning.

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I’ve been dumped by men who tell me they aren’t ‘looking for anything serious’ as soon as they hear I’m a mum, without even bothering to find out what I’m looking for.

What better time than Mother’s Day to celebrate what makes single mothers uniquely dateable.

We asked blogger Jo Middleton of the award-winning Slummy Single Mummy blog to tell us her 15 reasons to date a single mum.

Figuring out when to tell new partners has been a learning curve.

I used to keep it a secret, afraid men would run the second I uttered the ‘M’ word, but I’ve learned it’s far better to be upfront straight away.

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