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He was the father of the Folmer & Swing Graflex Cameras.

patents among which: an Electric Insect Exterminator, Egg Cartons, Ignition Torch for cigar shops, Gas Burner for Billiard Tables, Stereoscopes and Film Holders.

Press down the braces and close the hinged bed door.

The back of the camera is hinged and when opened affords easy access to the film compartments.

Now by pressing the release knob at the left front side of the camera, the mirror will rise up and start the exposure at the same time allowing the curtain to terminate the exposure.

The following lenses were available with the 3A Camera: Zeiss Kodak f 6,3 no. Comparing to the camera, the lenses were very expensive.

The focusing hood opens automatically when the cover of the camera is raised and is shaped to fit the contour of the face of the photographer and thus excluding extraneous light, enabling the operator to focus perfectly.

Now swing the standard lock straight and push the standard all the way back into the camera body.

You may help a bit by pressing the mirror lever a bit more to allow the standard and bellows to find enough space behind the bed door.

The early camera as shown on the photo above was eliminated in 1912.

Its successor as from 1915 equipped with the Autographic Back, enabling the photographer to write date on the negative, was made until 1926.

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