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At first, I was nervous to do it, but I was in a different environment far from home.I thought that I didn’t have anything to lose, so I updated my profile. Yes, now and then, someone would write to me without reading my profile, and when I mentioned my status in the chat, they would stop talking or react with hostility.This International Youth Day, three young people from three different countries share their personal experiences of living with HIV and navigating online dating.My name is Oguzhan Nuh (Oz) and I am a 25-year-old university student from Turkey.

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If you want to disclose your status, do it when it feels right to you and when you feel comfortable.Just like my millennial peers, I mostly meet people online through dating apps.One common feature of the apps I use is the option to display your HIV status or the last time you had an STI test.In some of the apps, you can also say if your viral load is undetectable or if you are on Pr EP, which I think is an amazing feature to promote biomedical interventions and reduce the stigma around HIV.When I moved to Berlin last year for an exchange student programme, I started seeing many people who displayed their HIV status as “HIV positive and undetectable” on their profiles, which encouraged me to do the same.

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