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To address this issue, SAT-7 ARABIC’s program , recently produced a special episode dedicated to exploring the topic of love and dating in the MENA.

Producer Maggie Morgan says: “In the Middle East, there is no dating. But in reality, what happens is that people date anyway behind the backs of the families and institutions – they mix and interact and get married because they know each other.” “They are not encouraged to mix at all,” Maggie explains.

Any idea of dating before engagement or marriage is frowned upon, from both Christian and non-Christian circles.

But how can they make a good decision with no experience!

“We were looking at the best way to establish healthy relationships between young men and women.” Rosette said her fellowship discouraged any one-to-one dating and mixed groups.

She felt it is enough to learn from other people’s advice and experience until they are ready to get engaged.

Even though in most of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region Valentine’s is a growing phenomenon, some countries and cultures, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, strongly oppose it.

Religious police enforce a ban claiming that it is a western import that incites immorality.

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