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Dont be over anxious to jump in with all of the answers.Look for volunteers to answer rather than requiring everyone to share.These games are great for breaking the ice and helping new kids feel welcomed.Some of the criteria I've looked at for choosing the best "get to know you" games include: how well the game facilities players to learn about each other whether that's simply names or something more, how well the game provides a springboard for conversation after the game is over, how well it works for groups that mostly already know each other as well as groups that have never met before, how fun it is to play and how much is involved in setting up the game.If you spend a few minutes eavesdropping on a conversation between a group of teens you will very quickly see that the topic of dating occupies much of their thoughts and conversations.

I find it really gives the group a good insight into how each member thinks, what's important to them and what they like to talk about.And as a leader, with the amount of times I've played it, I don't even need to think that hard to come up with my own truths and a lie.I highly recommend this get to know you icebreaker game.Players need to continually repeat an answer to a question about themselves and find other people who are answering the same thing. Might take a little bit of setup time (collecting the right coins) but with the right bunch of kids it could work really well.Games are great for creating an environment to foster relationships, but sometimes you need something a little more.

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