Dating life coach recognition week

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You’ll be fully aligned with your OWN intuition so you can make the best decisions easily and from your highest and best self.

4 x Modules of Content4-Part Energy Mastery Intensive4 x Q & A calls2 x Group Coaching calls BONUS #1 Access to Date Like a Duchess (worth 7) - this 3-part series will allow you to step into a new way of dating so you can go from dating like a commoner to dating like a Duchess. I will show you how to collapse time specifically as it relates to your love life.

That no matter what, I was going to call in love with the man I would marry.

And I knew when I was successful, I’d help other women do the same.

You will recognize the abundance of men available and you’ll tap into the energy of Masculine Action & Abundance in manifesting. If it’s yes, you can follow the link to sign up right now and I'll see you inside so we can call in your man.

You will gain mastery over your energy in all areas of life, but particularly as it relates to men. 4 x Modules of Content4 Part Energy Mastery Intensive4 x Q & A calls2 x Group Coaching Calls Bonus #1: Date Like a Duchess Bonus #2: Build-a-Man Bootcamp Bonus #3: Private Facebook Group Bonus #4: Recording of the Art of Man-ifestation Series I have certainty now that it’s “this or something better” rather than getting up on making it a particular person. What we did in such a short time felt impossible and I’m really grateful!

It’s YOUR work to believe that you get to have the love you desire, that you are lovable, that you’re worthy of love, and that you have a full and abundant life separate and apart from any other person who may come in to enhance it even further.

After going through a painful heartbreak (that was almost entirely preventable, if I had heeded the red flags), I finally decided something needed to shift.

I committed to understand everything I could about manifestation and men.

“I’ve been dating for years, I’m ready to meet someone, I’ve been applying LOA but it doesn’t seem to be working. And if you can relate to any part of that then you’re in the right place. And of course, this makes perfect sense because it’s stemming from your IMPATIENCE. We feel impatient when we DON’T BELIEVE WE GET TO HAVE WHAT WE WANT. It’s easy to forget when we’re manifesting a relationship because there’s another person involved.

I meet guys and really like them but then they just seem to disappear or tell me a little later they don’t want a relationship. If you’re like the vast majority of single women you’re struggling with dating because as soon as you meet someone you kinda-maybe-sorta like, you put this virtual stranger at the center of your world. It’s easy to place responsibility, power, and control fully outside of ourselves.

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