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Mute swan (Cyguns olor): Mute swans are a non-native species to North America and were introduced by European immigrants.

Mute swans are an undesired species, however, they are not hunted, but instead managed to control numbers from increasing.

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A notable difference between the two is the distinct yellow spot in front of the eye found on about 80 percent of tundra swans.

Juveniles do not become all white until about a year old.

In their first summer, the cygnets have pink bills with black tips which turn all black during the first winter.

In contrast, the Trumpeter Swan has a red border or stripe, like lipstick, on the edge of its lower mandible.

This red border, however, may sometimes appear on a Tundra Swan's bill, and some Trumpeters may have a yellow mark in front of the eye.

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