Dating physical appearance

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God gave us physical senses and desires for our good.But that’s only one piece of what makes people attractive, and it is not the main piece — nowhere close.

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You need to seem put together and confident to woo a woman.I will scream this from the rooftops until my dying breath, “Women are more interested in how a man makes her feel than how he looks.” I’ve been on all kinds of sites where men give other men relationship advice — the blind leading the blind.Men are telling each other they need to bulk up and look like a hard body to win a girl’s heart. I once met a man who was smokin’ hot on the outside, but he had a trash can for a soul.Guys have come to me over the years asking about this. If he admires other things about her, I’m all for him her and getting to know her in safe, unambiguous, non-flirtatious ways (probably in groups).Usually he respects or admires a godly young woman (or, maybe more often, other people in his life think he admire her more), and yet he’s not physically attracted to her. But I believe physical attraction, at least in the vast majority of cases, is one critical piece in discerning whether to date or marry someone.

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