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It’s not meant for standard casual or FWB (hookup) relationships.

Jason Du, the creator and current CEO of Millionaire Match, first put it on the Internet in 2001.

These profiles include photos, personal biographies and interests.

Unlike other dating websites, however, they also include information on annual income and net worth. You sign up on the website with your email and a unique password.

Users can pay for their Gold memberships via money orders, credit cards, or Pay Pal accounts.

You can get a membership for one, three, or six months; only the one-month subscription will be renewed automatically, without the user needing to take more steps.

It’s a lot easier to find a mate if you pay for a membership, however.It is possible to obtain bonus gold membership, which can be done by reporting profiles of users who attempt to scam or deceive other users.Other ways to obtain gold membership include proposing suggestions to improve website quality; finding other websites to partner with Millionaire Match, to increase awareness of the platform; and sharing and promoting Millionaire Match on social media.Free-membership users also have access to a private album with photos others have sent them; only they can see this album.They can add up to 26 of their own photos, and post on the forums and blogs.

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