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If this site was discovered today it would blow away all other discoveries,” says Sindbæk.Some years later they decided to take advantage of the new technique of radiocarbon dating, and suddenly it all went wrong. Archaeologists reluctantly accepted the results and suggested that the site may have been a type of charnel house for monks from the nearby church.Forty per cent of the individuals were men who displayed signs of violent injuries.“It’s a very famous discovery and you can find pictures of it in almost all books on the Viking Age.The mistake was a simple calculation error in the radiocarbon dating.

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No one immediately questioned that the site was the winter camp of the Viking Great Army as Biddle and Biddle had originally reported.

We have now taken Repton back,” says archaeologist Søren Sindbæk from Aarhus University, who was not involved with the new research to re-date the remains.

The results are published in the journal, Antiquity.

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