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would not be without it,have used it for several years and it works great, I use the free version by the way. I wish I'd known years ago about the above-described washing technique that spammers use. ***** / 5 [ five stars out of five ] Good advice, Leo.

I too had hitherto thought that copying a URLs from an email and pasting it into a browser window - as per apparent conventional wisdom - protected me from being driven to a spammer's site AND safeguarded my anonymity. Leo, if you have a canonical ten or twenty Ask Leo columns, I think the "How did I get subscribed to this dating service? But for those with insatiable curiosity, they can still investigate WITHOUT giving away their identity.

Where or how you do so in a case like this is pretty immaterial.

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Somewhere else on Ask Leo, I saw where anything after the ? Format your hard drive (if it were only one or two computers you were using) and reload the programs from their original media and add your data from a FULLY CLEANED (SCANNED BY SOMETHING LIKE FREE Mc Afee Stinger latest available version, from the Internet). I also changed the password to this account using a combination of special characters if your system allows it.It is really a fairly simple thing for spammers - or social media sites or Indian dating sites or just about any site for that matter - to do. In that "invitation" amidst all the words about how wonderful their service or product will be a link. kwyjibo=182934 In reality, it could be completely hidden and even made to look completely misleading.While this example is completely and totally made up, it's not that far from what can really happen. Perhaps a friend told them in order to invite you to this service. For example, they might choose to encode it more like this: is that number encoded in hexadecimal and the could be completely ignored.) There are many ways to encode the information into a clickable URL. Well, the number that was assigned to your email address, of course.And hopefully the search results will have been enough to cool their curiosity. My sympathies to those that receive relentless spam. My first one, and my first time on the internet with my personal PC, has never received any spam in the 5 years I've used it.I account this to being quite cautious [actually, terrified] over the years.

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