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For years, the topic has fascinated filmmakers and viewers alike.

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The movie spans several years, so the viewer gets to follow the two women as they grow both in and out of their relationship, which is a brilliant way to build tension. Between the dedicated melancholic Simon & Garfunkel score, iconic love affair, and resonant post-college mood, it's hard to pick just one reason to love .

With an inventive plot like this one, the film begs some complex questions, like the meaning of connection.This is especially true when you want to pick something sexy and/or romantic, without choosing a cheesy or boring film.The good news is that some of the steamiest movies can also be comedies, thrillers, and sci-fi flicks.Not only does this film force us to wrestle with the ever-evolving notions of personhood and love, but it also teaches the trickiness of a partnership that's analogous to an owner/object dynamic.If you haven't seen this Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone classic, date night is the perfect occasion to do so.

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