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Related Article: Best Classical Guitar I’m wanting to know more about this Joh Hammig guitar I found the other day. Hoping someone here can enlighten me with some insight and details about this type of guitar. Can anyone confirm if the sides and back are indeed solid and not laminate? If anyone has any idea when the model might have been made, please let me know (I know the serial numbers are kind of elusive re: what they tell about when the guitar was made).

Link Free Page [Test]You can submit your URL of Guitar page! Event and Competition Guide Yamaguchi Guitar Conpetition Last year Result Yamaguchi-ken JAPAN. It’s honestly in terrible condition, but the wood that was used on the fretboard and everywhere else seems of really descent quality. I’m considering restoring it but I have no idea what the guitar would have originally cost. I believe this model has a solid top as well as solid Brazilian Rosewood sides and back.

They stayed with him until his death in 1937 during the Spanish civil war. I found this inside this site: can anyone help with the likely provenance and value of a Wayne guitar model W-30. Does your guitar have a slightly yellow label on the inside with a drawing of a mountain? Is there any mention on the label where the guitar was made? Hello Bruce I am enquiring on behalf of a friend who has asked me to research her guitar. Regards Diana Hi, Bruce, Yes the label is slightly yellow and almost of new appearance.

I'm still looking on the web however information about this brand of acoustic guitar is about as scarce as hens teeth. The guitar was made for Wayne Guitar Co and has a yellow label inside with a drawing of a mountain. It is nylon string and there is no mention of where the guitar is made. The word concience (sic) is misspelt and there is the drawing of a rather more precipitous mountain than Fuji on the label as well.

Signatures written in ink (autograph or not) or stamped and are not a guarantee of the best quality.

Hi I have just been given a Wayne W-20 and it does not have any of the other numbers that I have seen in the post, It doesn't have made in any other contry just the lable with the mountain and last words on the label (for the player) is there any way I can find out the age of it as it is in very good conition and have been playing it for the past week and sounds grate, just that someone said to me that I sound get it checked out as it maybe some what old enough to be put up and played on the odd time and not full time.

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Humbucker/Single Coil/Single Coil (HSS) pickup configuration, and the finish is Ebony Black.

after 1979 they had round labels with serials starting with 9XXXX , 0XXXX , 1XXXX etc if you need more help or info https:// Domingo Esteso, 1931 for sale!

Location: Germany Make: Domingo Esteso Country: Spain Model: Concert Classical Guitar Model Year: 1931 Top: German Spruce Back & Sides: Brasilian Rosewood Scale: 65,4 mm Nut: 51 mm Stringdistance: 42 mm Playability: perfect Finish: French Polish Tuners: Original machines Condition: Used - Excellent - some repaired stabil cracks Domingo Esteso, Madrid, 1929.

Alder body, bolt-on maple neck, with either a bare maple fretboard or a rosewood fretboard. The guitar had an MSRP (back in the day) of 0, and would be worth 0 in absolutely brand new condition.

Your Squire Stratocaster is valued at; Mint: 0.00 USD Exc : 0.00 USD Exc: 5.00 USD VG : 0.00 USD VG: .00 USD Good: .00 USDHope this helps you out, kcbuck Mary, She was crafted in the Cort factory in Indonesia, in 2005. That's a finish known as Metallic Blue, which was offered first in 2004, and has been produced for many years since.

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