Dating to save

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This question is super fluffy and cute, so prepare to have your heart melt whenever you ask this.

Like an earlier question, this conversation starter is really asking about identity and what vibes and atmosphere the other person identifies with.

Someone spends very little time in the morning and rushes out of the door will have different reactions and decision-making processes than someone who wakes up early and takes their time to leave the house.

On that same strand, someone who prefers to sleep earlier might have different behaviors and priorities than someone who prefers to sleep later. Asking what’s on their bucket list gives you a lighthearted glimpse at how bold the other person is as well as what’s important and interesting to them.

This is your chance to show that’s you’re a cultured person and find out if you have any common interests with the other person!

A smooth way of finding out what they like to eat and if they have any specific dietary restrictions, like if they’re vegan or allergic to certain foods.

An innocent, harmless question about what things are still important to them today.Or the country they traveled to and would like to go back to someday.Maybe the other person is an indoors-type of person, or an adventurer aching to travel the world. Comparing Saturdays is a great conversation topic – it’s a great gauge in seeing what and how much they’re willing to disclose about themselves while talking about their hobbies and casual interests.A question like this is such a fun conversation starter!You want to make sure the other person is cultured, and passionate, out and about and willing to have fun.

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