Dating too shy women

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Now you hardly see any rickshaws and there are tons of Mc Donald’s and Starbucks everywhere.

However, the country is still a bit of the Wild West. However,/ I know all this will change when the country becomes more developed.

I’ve had numerous girls start cleaning my apartment and offering to cook me noodles.

That I can only compare to Thai girls, but I find Vietnamese women to be more conservative.

The length of my stays became longer and longer and I eventually ended up staying there 6 months per year.

My plan is to rotate between these 3 countries for the next few years.My first trip outside Europe took me to Thailand 15 years ago.I immediately fell in love with the country and I kept coming back every 1 or 2 years after that.Updated June 2nd, 2019 – I reached out to two of my friends who are currently living in Saigon, Vietnam. I have visited about 65 countries over the past 20 years.I asked them to share their thoughts about Vietnamese women, culture, and more. My old way of travel was to visit places for shorter stays (1-2 weeks) but now I like to hang around for longer (about 3 months) and really learn the culture and language.

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